So, we just welcomed a new year and one of your New Year’s resolutions is to — finally — reduce your build times, thus becoming more productive and happier. 🙏

This (contemporary) guide will help you identify the culprits that kill your productivity and take a swing at eliminating them. 😈

We will list a set of tools and techniques, ranging from the simpler to the more complex one and try to “decipher” what these reports/outputs you will get actually mean and how to proceed.

Disclaimer: We assume that you have already updated to the latest versions of your dependencies…

Before reaching the end of the first phase of the Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship Program, an amazing opportunity which started a couple of months ago, I would like to share with you my insights and impressions so far as well info and resources from my favorite lesson yet.

My journey began on November 15th, when I first received my verification email. Without wasting any time, I quickly jumped into the course and started getting to know the instructors, in addition to learning more about the syllabus. …

Haris Houlis

Passionate Android Engineer, who loves experimenting with new ideas, tools. Android Software Engineer at Beat.

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